The Tale of the Sensational Alex Harvey Experience

Established Glasgow-based (operating UK-wide) SAHB tribute band The Sensational Alex Harvey Experience are building a solid and loyal reputation throughout the UK.

With their fantastic and “mirror-like” renditions of SAHB’s material, with full stage shows and theatrics, which includes the infamous spray painting of the Vambo Wall and the dance which was made famous by SAHB’s Chris Glen and Zal Cleminson in Delilah on the Old Grey Whistle Test, leaving fans amazed and a show to remember.

SAHE formed in 2013 after being asked to put together a SAHB set for the annual SAHBROCK charity event held in Glasgow.  With the SAHB faithful in the palm of their hands and with no other SAHB tributes around at the time, the fans demanded more from the band instead of this one-off gig … and SAHE was born.

Since then, SAHE has begun building up a grassroots following of SAHB fans UK-wide and are going from strength to strength.  In 2014, they continued to grow and performed at bigger and better gigs, selling out venues but most importantly, they are keeping the SAHB story alive.

So be prepared for an evening of non stop SAHB classics in a show that promises to keep you gripped.

If SAHE hits a town near you, come along and the band will give you a very warm welcome to the world of Alex Harvey and his Sensational Band.


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